The Word

Directed by: Anna Kazejak
Poland | 97 minutes

Janek broke Lila’s heart, and now he has to make up for it. But Lila’s idea of getting even is more sinister than Janek might expect.

Betrayal, or the interpretation of betrayal, and the manipulative power that it can exert on a human, is at the centre of this emotional love story.

Starting off as a situation that is lived by young lovers across the world, the unravelling of a youthful, innocent relationship and its potential breakdown, ‘The Word’ abruptly jack-knifes into a rescue mission with the medium of social media at centre stage. Janek must keep the love of his life from leaving him, and Lila, his seemingly broken-hearted girlfriend, opts for an altogether more sinister way for Janek to prove his undying love.

Short entirely from the perspective of Lila, ‘The Word’ weaves its way through her relationships with other characters. From school friends, parents, and unwanted attention from randy teenage boys, the banality of Lila’s life contrasts sharply with a dark secret that hangs over her head and may threaten more than just her and Janek’s relationship.

‘The Word’ acts as a keen eye into youthful impulsivity, and the consequences of acting at the behest of hot-headed love at no matter what cost.

Chris McShee

Anna Kazejak
Magnus von Horn
Anna Kazejak
Lukasz Dzieciol
Klaudiusz Dwulit
Eliza Rycembel
Mateusz Więcławek
Magdalena Popławska
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