Through the Eyes

Directed by: Michel Franco & Victoria Franco
Mexico | 92 minutes

Monica looks after not only the destitute of Mexico’s streets, but her son Omar who is slowly going blind. She hatches a plan to save his eyesight.

Monica is a social outreach worker, lending a helping hand to the destitute and the addicted in Mexico City’s sprawling streets. A guardian angel to many, she is particularly close to Benjamin, an on-off addict who she visits daily. Complicating Monica’s situation is her son Omar, who is suffering with Keratoconus and needs a corneal transplant in order to save his eyesight.

One day, Monica finds Benjamin passed out in the gutter. She nurses him back to health but when he comes round, nothing is as it once seemed. Omar and Benjamin begin to strike up a friendship under Monica’s care – but can Monica look them in the eye and be honest about what has brought them together?

Though scripted, this suspenseful drama features extended real footage of the tragic impact of drugs: whole families of addicts living in the streets, struggling to survive – or just to get the next hit. And while the plot and it’s surprising twists enthrall, it’s perhaps these scenes from the streets that stay with you after the credits roll.

Michel Franco
Victoria Franco
Michel Franco
Michel Franco
Victoria Franco
Elías Menassé
Isi Sarfati
Mónica del Carmen
Omar Moreno
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