Time Was Endless

Directed by: Sérgio Andrade & Fábio Baldo
Brazil | Germany | 85 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Mon 26th Sep 20:15

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Anderson is a solitary young man who comes from the depths of the Amazonian Forest. He now lives in the slums of Manaus, Brazil, with his sister and her child, and works two jobs, one on an assembly line and one as a hairdresser. This new environment is far from welcoming, but it’s now their life. As the child is handicapped, they fear that the tribesmen will come to sacrifice it, as is the tradition.Not only that, we soon discover that Anderson is attracted to men: not only does this worsen his feeling of isolation, it also draws the attention of his tribe’s elders to him. He therefore finds himself in limbo, losing his community of origin, to which he still belongs, without having found a new home. The directing duo of Fabio Baldo and Sergio Andrade shoots this story with a stripped-down, almost documentary style which highlights the rawness of the emotions and the isolation to deeply touching effect. Adding a deft touch of magical realism to this exploration of the tension between tradition and modernity, they have sensitively carved a very affecting tale.
Original Title
Antes O Tem Não Acabava
Anderson Tikuna
Severiano Kedassere
Fidelis Baniwa
Kay Sara
Ana Sabrina
Rita Carelli
Begè Muniz
Emanuel Aragāo
Arnaldo Barreto,
Sérgio Andrade
Fábio Baldo
Sérgio Andrade
Yure César
Rio Tarumā Films
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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