United We Fall

Directed by: Gary Sinyor
UK | 89 minutes

5 ex-Manchester United footballers recount the team’s fated attempt to win the triple in 2010.

This irreverent mockumentary pokes fun at one of the greatest establishments of the UK – football. While light-hearted and laugh-out-loud funny, ‘United We Fall’ doesn’t hesitate to bring up big issues of ‘the beautiful game’, from corruption, to attitudes towards homosexuality and the reckless immaturity of some players.

Olly, Modo, Kurtz, Danny and Stevo are ex-Manchester United players, veterans of the team’s fated 2010 attempt to win the Champion’s League, Premiership and FA Cup all in a row. Through interviews with these central figures we trace the team’s rise to each final, as well as the fall-out when things don’t go quite the way they should.

The strength of ‘United We Fall’ lies in the inspired characterisations and performances from the cast. The script is mostly devised, with hilarious lines coming thick and fast from characters so daft they fill you with joy. Standouts include Jonathan Broke in the role of Kurt Kurtz, the deadpan German goalie, and Jack Donnelly in the role of Olly Hunter, the self-obsessed bimbo striker.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about football or Manchester United: ‘United We Fall’ is a witty, cheerful, funny film from beginning to end.

Orestes Kouzof

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Gary Sinyor
Gary Sinyor
Luke Palmer
Jack Donnelly
Jonathan Broke
Ryan Pope
Matthew Avery
James Rastall
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