Unlucky Woman’s Blues

Directed by: Shinji Imaoka
Japan | 86 minutes

Toko, Kasumi, Gunji and Yamashina frequent the bars of the ‘Shinjuku Golden Road’, but once you’re in, it’s harder than you think to find a way out.

The “Shinjuku Golden Road” is a labyrinthine street of rows upon rows of 200 very old, small bars. There, known and unknown intellectuals and artists gather night after night and drink until morning. Gifted pink film director Shinji Imaoka, whose ‘Lunch Box’ screened at the 2004 Raindance Film Festival, makes this street the backdrop for a story about the romances, complications, and atonement between men and women past their prime and creates an erotic comedy that overflows with compassion.

One night, a woman named Toko comes to the bar “Redemption” in the Golden Road and drinks herself senseless. The bar’s owner, Kasumi, gives her lodging on the second floor of the bar, but Toko’s true intention is to meet Kasumi’s lover, Gunji. The next morning, she accomplishes her goal of reuniting with Gunji. Toko and Gunji are burdened by a sin, Kasumi is emotionally damaged. Each of their hidden pasts will come to light as they become intoxicated. They wander this street seeking something, but where will they find the way out?

Akihiro Suzuki

Shinji Imaoka
Minoru Sato
Kazuto Morita
Akira Takatsudo
Shosuke Asakura
Yasushi Hanamura
Shoko Kudo
Kyoko Hayami
Takeshi Ito
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