The audience is most frequently unaware of the pre–production stage of filmmaking, which can be highly complicated. ‘Vis–a–vis’, a dramatic comedy by Nevio Marasovic, tells a story about a young director preparing a script for his new feature film.

While a confused artist struggles to make some last cuts to his script, he decides to invite the main actor of the film to visit Vis – the island where shooting will take place. An interesting relationship between these two characters develops and it will have a major influence on the director’s work in the future. Parallels may be found between these two confused men and the director’s script itself, an interesting and unsettling instance of art imitating life.

The film reveals how challenging can the film industry can be. The director, nicely performed by Rakan Rushaidat, demonstrates the strength of a young artist who, even though faces a lot of challenges, continues believing in himself and what he does. Furthermore, beautiful shots of Croatia’s nature and soundtrack applied in the film creates an artistic and bohemian atmosphere which adds a bit of spice to this explorative feature.

Nevio Marasovic
Nevio Marasovic
Janko Popovic Volaric
Rakan Rushaidat
Danijel Pek
Nevio Marasovic
Damir Kudin
Janko Popovic Volaric
Rakan Rushaidat
Kresimir Mikic
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