Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma of Robbie Basho

Directed by: Liam Barker
80 minutes
VUE Piccadilly
Pic. 3
Sat 3rd Oct 19:10
Premiere Screening

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The enigma of Robbie Basho was a question that was yet to be answered – until now. ‘Voice of the Eagle’ explores the guitarist’s life through interviews with close friends and family. From the outside, Basho seemed to lead a private life, though his friends describe it as ‘vicarious’. Exploring his early childhood, the narrative follows his upbringing in Baltimore, Maryland after he was orphaned and diagnosed with synaesthesia, a condition that allowed him to interpret sounds as colour. The film follows Basho through the release of his first albums, explores his family life and religion and looks at the change in musical style which had been inspired by Indian classical maestro Ravi Shankar. As a man who never married and hardly kept any close relationships, Basho wholly dedicated his life to religion and music. The last portion of this documentary explores Basho’s death in 1986, after a visit to the chiropractor caused a fatal stroke, speaking to a colleague who explains what went wrong. This enlightening documentary about the American visionary sees those who knew him remember the virtuoso through their memories.
80 min
Liam Barker
Liam Barker
Justinas Vabuolas
Justinas Vabuolas
Pete Townshend
Country Joe McDonald
William Ackerman
Screening Status
World Premiere
Strands: Features RSO