Who the Fuck is Arthur Fogel?

Directed by: Ron Chapman
Canada | 97 minutes

The story of the biggest name you’ve never heard of in the music business.

When the annals of documentary making are finally compiled, highest on the list of most aptly named films will be ‘Who the Fuck is Arthur Fogel?’. It’s fairly likely that you have never heard of the man in question, but if you are one of the millions of people worldwide who have been to one of the shows he has been responsible for, then you’ll have come across his work. If you’ve ever been to see one of the world’s most successful artists, like U2, The Police, Lady GaGa, Madonna or the Rolling Stones, then you have been at the receiving end of what Arthur Fogel does best.

Arthur Fogel is the highly successful worldwide promoter and show producer that is the go-to guy for the biggest acts in the world. ‘Who the F**k is Authur Fogel?’ is the story of how this mild mannered Canadian went from being the drummer for a moderately successful rock Ontario rock band to the head of Live Nation, the most successful global music promoter in the world.

A fascinating story about a man whose history is intrinsically linked to the development of live music over the last thirty years

Mark Moynihan

Ron Chapman
Ron Chapman
Wayne Thompson,EP - Jack Lenz
Loren Mawhinney
Carl Young
Mark Staunton
Lady Gaga
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