Why Diversity Works

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With mainstream broadcasters increasingly announcing new schemes to increase diversity, we look at how the web is already years ahead of traditional media in this field, and how the online space can offer an opportunity for creators from any background to get their voices heard.


Moderated by: Lisa Gifford (Screenwriter and Director)
With: Christin Baker (Tello Films); Baby Isako (Screenwriter and Producer); Ted Shiress (Comedian and Screenwriter)

lisa gifford 140 cropLISA  GIFFORD (Screenwriter and Director)

Lisa is an award winning screenwriter and playwright, and the creator of the popular internationally award-winning webseries ’3some’. She is also a director and producer and is one half of the London-based production company ‘Capital City Entertainment’.  Previously, Lisa spent eight years working as an international sales agent, travelling to film festivals and TV markets to broker deals on behalf of producers with broadcasters and distributors worldwide.

Baby Isako 140 cropBABY ISAKO (Screenwriter and Producer)

Baby Isako is an entrepreneur with an ultimate vision, committed to turning all her goals into reality. An accomplished writer, editor and creator she received critical acclaim for her successful theatre production Love is a Losing Game. Her short film Bag Ladies was screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. She received mainstream attention in The Guardian as the creator and writer of romantic comedy web series Venus Vs Mars (produced alongside Purple Geko). There really is no stopping her.

Cristin Baker  140 cropCHRISTIN BAKER (Tello Films)

Christin founded tellofilms out of passion to provide modern and relevant lesbian-focused stories for the under-served lesbian community.  With 15 amazing, original tello-produced projects under her belt and just as many in various levels of pre and post-production, Christin is determined to provide the lesbian community with the quality entertainment that they deserve and the stories that they crave. This hands-on producer is a storyteller at heart, brimming with timely and engrossing ideas, and she’s determined to bring together the right team to bring each one to life. Follow Christin on Twitter to see if you can predict her next move.

ted shiress 140 cropTED SHIRESS (Screenwriter and Comedian)

Ted Shiress is a number of things in a number of different degrees of reality but for the purposes of this panel he is a web series creator and a comedian. His brutal take-no-hostages and ‘yes I do suffer’ approach to having cerebral palsy has caused the odd blogger to call him a minor cult figure but brought him very few paid gigs. This approach to life is heavily exaggerated throughout his stand-up and this exaggeration forms the basis of his unsavoury character in his webseries Cynic.  Contrary to popular belief Ted is actually a nice and reasonable man off-stage and off-screen with an ability to air provocative but in no way inflammatory opinions about disability, comedy, music and many more; let’s just hope this Ted is the one on the panel.