Window Licker

Directed by: Brian McGuire
USA | 101 minutes

Funny, mysterious and fantastical, ‘Window Licker’ brings to light a part of life barely understood.

‘Window Licker’ is a film of confusion, noise, emotion and mixed genres. We end up not only seeing one man’s journey through madness, but joining him on the passage. Through the use of stop motion photography, close up camera work and harsh lighting, along with the jarring and often quite haunting soundtrack, we become involved in the psyche of a man affected by his surroundings and circumstance. The use of webcam and hand held shots create an empathetic air of awkwardness for the viewer that brings you in line with the protagonist, becoming involved in the life and experience firsthand of internal and external battles.

Shot largely on a low budget phone camera, the quick cuts and sharp edits of ‘Window Licker’ grip the mentality of the viewer and shake them in the battle for the brain. ‘Window Licker’ is not only a look at mental health, but also a look at the individual struggle with the ‘other self’, and how people are viewed and questioned by society. Does ‘normal’ breed sanity, or is the world working on a broken format in need of an update?

Beth Leonard

Brian McGuire
Brian McGuire
Brian McCormick,Mark Fletcher,Bret Roberts,&,Brian McGuire
Marcello Altieri
Bella Madrano
Brian McGuire
Brian McGuire
Bret Roberts
Farah Moans
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