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Pic. 3
Sat 3rd Oct 21:30
Premiere Screening

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You may know Martin Glover (a.k.a. ‘Youth’) as the bassist in the famous rock band Killing Joke, but this documentary focuses on his career as a music producer. Youth has worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, and other big names of the music industry. Through interviews of artists who have collaborated with him as well as of the man himself, we come to understand that two seemingly incongruous personality traits combine in Youth: that of the free-spirited rocker and the hardworking musical genius. On the one hand he and his band mates reminisce about when he acquired the nickname “Pig Youth” for never bothering to wash his suits. On the other hand, the artists speak of his conciseness and productivity in the studio. “We did nineteen tracks in fourteen days”, says Boy George. “And they were good!”. This documentary is certain to convince you of Youth’s sheer talent as a music producer. Apart from being an inspiration, Youth’s adventurous life makes for many entertaining anecdotes, which in turn make for an entertaining documentary.
58 min
Paul Elliott
Sean Lamberth
Paul Elliott
Sean Lamberth
Paul Elliott
Paul Elliott
Sean Lamberth
Paul McCartney
Boy George
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World Premiere
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