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Mon 26th Sep 13:30

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VUE Piccadilly
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Sat 1st Oct 18:30

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Filip, the ‘Faculty of Philosophy’, remembers how it feels to miss out, always prioritising his studies over his love of his football team, Dinamo Zagreb. When, as an adult, Filip finally gets the chance to go to an away game, he realises that wearing the strip requires more than cheering from the side-lines – you have to get your hands dirty. Calling on the real conflict between these two Slavic football teams, Igor Šeregi’s feature depicts the brutal gang violence that occurs as obsessive passions collide. Football hooliganism, racial tension and political unrest combine in an unrelenting yet humorous game of cat-and-mouse as the Bad Blue Boys try to maintain their pride by any means necessary. Despite its violent subject matter, the witty exchanges between both friends and enemies distinguish ZG80 from its darker and grittier predecessors from writer Ivo Balenović. Banter and a mastery of the verbal insult is as key to survival for a Bad Blue Boy as being able to throw a punch. With a fantastic yet terrifying performance from René Bitorajac, you won’t need an in-depth knowledge of football rivalry, or even of Balkan politics, to become immersed in this battle for masculine authority.
René Bitorajac
Matija Kačan
Marko Cindrić
Filip Detelić
Marko Janketić
Domagoj Mrkonjić
Nikola Rakočević
Mijo Jurišić
Miloš Timotijević
Igor Šeregi
Robert Cukina
Ivo Balenović
Sven Pepeonik
Ljubo Zdjelarević
Tomislav Vujić
Executive Producer(s)
Screening Status
UK Premiere
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